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JASON giardina

Jason was born and raised in Tampa. His career in construction began at a very young age. As early as he could hold a hammer, he was helping his dad on job sites renovating 1920s bungalows in Seminole Heights and other historic parts of Tampa. As he got older, this eventually grew to become his passion. He started gaining experience on his own by investing in and restoring historical older bungalows to their former glory. People started to take notice in his great attention to detail and design expertise. Before he knew it, he was being used as a consultant for other properties undergoing major renovations.

In 2010, he created a new business called "Independent Access Solutions." This company was primarily structured for specializing in home renovations for disabled veterans through the special adaptive housing grants offered to veterans. Many of these projects were multi-faceted, in that the renovations were not only functional for the veterans to be able to live a more independent lifestyle, but were also aesthetically pleasing using the latest technology and products. These special grants involved major renovations of all areas of the veterans’ homes which took many months to complete. During this time, he was responsible for the entire project, from permitting, to hiring subcontractors, ordering and scheduling delivery of materials, ensuring the appropriate inspections through government entities, and multiple meetings with the family members to ensure the home would be renovated in accordance with the veteran’s needs and wishes.


Italian Greyhound with Big Heart. She brings so much joy to our Team. She loves treats and her favorite game is lazer.


Over 30 years of successful experience in starting, developing, expanding, and turning around companies in several different industries.

Dynamic, results-oriented team leader with a strong, winning track record. Comfortable in handling fast paced competitive challenges. Adaptable to all environments and personalities. Superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex issues (sales, costs, human resources, legal, financial, operational) and motivating staff to achieve peak performance and results.


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Operations Manager

I was born in Ukraine and very proud to be a part of Neohomes. We are very passionate what we are doing!

"If you are not the FIRST, you are the  LAST!''